You Can Spend LESS on Good Food in Abuja. Except You Ignore This!

It’s a common misconception that healthy foods come with a high price tag. Learn how to EAT smart to save money and eat better.

Even in Hotels: The backbone of every good hotel is food. You can stay in the best of rooms in the hotel without good food, your stay will not be memorable. But you can repeat visit because of the food menu and not necessarily for good hotel room. Want to know why people leave their hotel rooms to eat easlwhre?

This e-book will afford you the opportunity to know Abuja food prices, and where to get the best at all times.

it is a choice you can make now, stop eating debris for exorbitant prices, it can harm you.

You should know what you want and where to get it.

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Find Out...

• How much does food cost in Abuja- Nigeria

• Where to get affordable local food and drinks

• Where to get food stuff at cheaper rates for events and other purposes.

• Find out the various prices and delicacies of Nigeria foods and where to find them.


List of food stores and the operational techniques, prices and location.

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