The Corperate Affairs Commission Abuja; The Process and Registration Guide.

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it is either you read this, take the advice here or go and waste valuable time in any business registration process. You may have all the time to spend..fine.

The Cooperate Affairs Commission is to register every business, non-business entities and companies in Nigeria to ensure their eligibility and operational status.


I advise you to seek the services of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Chartered Secretaries for the Incorporation of companies and related matters. These people will help you register and fast track your registration that normally last longer than usaull without a wise counsel or follow-up personnel.

Without their services, you will spend more to get a little done in the registration process.

You can continue to read further to get a highlight of the registration process and guidelines.

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To be too sure if you are the type, you can contact CAC through the under listed numbers to confirm status of these Individuals. 09-524 1046-50, 524 1029

This means is an advantage for those who are far way. Most times all professional delays are taken care of.





Types of Companies

• Private Company limited by shares• Company limited by guarantee• Private unlimited Company• Public limited Company• Public unlimited Company


(How many can form Minimum of two for all company typesa company ?)

• Maximum of fifty for private companies• No upper limit for public companies• Minimum share capital Private companies – N10,000.00• Public companies – N500,000.00• Regulated companies – see appendix 1• Minimum share subscription Minimum share subscription for all companies is 25% of the authorized share capital

Pre-incorporation Processes

• Availability and Reservation of Name,• Payment of stamp duty to Federal Inland• Revenue Service Submission of stamped Memorandum and Articles of Association together with registration forms for verification and assessment, and• Payment of filing fees at the Corporate Affairs Commission

Availability and Reservation of Name

• Names are reserved for sixty days on the following conditions:• Choosing a name Name must not be same or similar to an existing name• Name must not be offensive, undesirable or misleading• Name must not be contrary to public policy• Name must not be similar to a Registered Trademark or• Business Name except with the consent of the owners• Name with the word ‘Chamber of Commerce’ is restricted only to companies limited by guarantee• Names requiring prior Consent of the Names that contain any of the following words - Federal,• Commission National, Regional, State or Local Government• Names that suggest Government patronage, Ministries or• Department of Government• Names that contain the word Municipal, Chartered, Co-operative, Building Society• Names that contain the word ‘Group’ or ‘Holding’


To obtain consent for use of the word ‘Group’:Formal application to be accompanied with:

• _ Evidence of at least three companies to form the group• _ Evidence of common membership of the subsidiaries• _ Resolution of the subsidiaries consenting to the Group relationship• _ Statement that the share capital of the ‘Group Company’ shall not be less than the highest share capital in the subsidiaries• _ Updated annual returns of subsidiaries



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