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Your wallet is empty, you bank is empty, why? The reasons for these are much and uncountable but what ye shall learn here is not the reasons for thy lean purse but the cure. For these seven main cure has been design to lift people for poverty and teach them how to become wealthy and very rich over time. It is a wise pack.

1. Save one tenth no matter how little you have got.

2. Control thy expense

3. You must make thy gold (one tenth) work for you.

4. Guard they treasure from loss.

5. Make thy dwelling a profitable investment.

6. Insure a future income.

7. Increase your ability to earn



How do I Make Sure I Save one tenth no matter how little I have got:

Control thy expense: what you call your necessary expense will always grow to equal your income unless you protest it to the contrary. Try as much to get 100% benefit of what you spent your income on. In another word, ye must make thy budget, keep it and adjust to it strictly so that thou do not spend more than the nineth of thy income to pay for thy necessities, thy enjoyments and to satisfy thy worthwhile desires.

Make your one tenth multiply: since it is true that gold in the purse is gratifying to own and satisfy unhappiness/gloom but earn nothing, you must that the gold we retain is the start. I tell you, a man’s wealth is not in the money he carries in his wallet/purse; it is the income he buildeth. That is the golden stream that continually floweth into his purse and keeps coming always whether he travels or work. Is it not a flow of income that every man desires? Invest thy income under the guidance and advice of competent men and thou shall reap returns.



Guard they treasure form Loss: misfortune loves a shinning mark. Remember every owner of Gold is tempted by opportunities whereby it would seen that he could make large sums by its investment in most reasonable project. Often, friends and relatives are eagerly entering such investment and urge him to follow. The 1st sound principle of investment is not to lose your principal. Evaluate investment options carefully before parting with thy treasure. How? Consult wise men in the field thou desire to invest and let their wisdom protect you from unsafe investment. Yes, guard they treasure by investing only where thy principal is safe, where it may be reclaimed if desirable and where thou will not fail to collect a fair return.

Make thy dwelling a profitable investment: “No man’s family can fully enjoy life unless they do have a plot of ground wherein his children can play in the clean earth and where the wife may raise not only blossoms but good rich herbs to feed her family”. To own his own domicile and have it in a place he is proud to care for, puts confidence in his heart and greater effort behind all his endeavours.



Insure a future income: Future income takes care of time of inability-“it behoves a man to make preparation for a suitable income in the days to come, when he is no longer young and to make preparation for his family should he no longer be with them to comfort and support them. Yes we live in today and not in the days to come, so we must take advantage of those means and ways of accomplishing our purposes.

Increase your ability to earn: By this you must continue to learn, seek greater skills, be persistent and desire to accomplish. Learn new ways of earning and investment areas. You will be respected and for you to respect yourself;

 You must pay your debts with all the promptness within your power, not purchasing that which you cannot pay for.

 He must take care of his family that they may think and speak well of him.

 He must have compassion upon those who are injured by misfortune and aid them within reasonable limits. He must do things of thoughtfulness to those dear to him.

 The above are the many things that come to a mans life rich with gainful experiences . such things he must do to respect himself.

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