International Armoring Corporation: REP NEEDED!

by Mark Burton
(Utah, United States)

Armored Land Rover

Armored Land Rover

Qualified representatives needed in the country of Nigeria.

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Business Phone: (801) 393-1075 Toll free

Be a part of the largest and most distinguished armoring manufacturer in the world. Call today.

About International Armoring Corporation:

Since 1993 International Armoring Corporation (IAC) has produced more than 7,000 quality armored vehicles. IAC has grown to be the premier manufacturer of armored passenger vehicles in the world. Currently IAC has numerous manufacturing / service facilities worldwide. These converted vehicles have shipped to all corners of the globe. Our clients include government officials, business leaders, international corporations, religious organizations as well as private individuals who by nature of their high profile status find themselves and their families at risk.

IAC has been recognized as the company that is reinventing the armoring industry with its pioneering use of high tech materials and revolutionary designs and processes. Recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of the lightest, most original looking finished vehicles. This all is a result of a dedication to developing and using the latest technology available. In addition, IAC has numerous national and international business awards for innovative design as well as quality of management. We are also excited with the recent launch of the first "Weld Free�" armored passenger vehicles, which will once again revolutionize the armored vehicle industry.
Some of IAC's many notable events:

- In 1993, IAC invented the lightest armoring in the industry � Armormax� � a synthetic fiber laminate � reducing added weight by 40% - 60%
- In 1994,
IAC invented a revolutionary all curved 1� � 3� rebated transparent ballistic glass that maintains the original appearance.
- In 1998, IAC created the curved overlap protection system, known as Elitus�, that provides even greater passenger compartment protection.
- In 2002, IAC partnered with Ford Motor Company (for 3 years) to design and produce the Lincoln Town Car BPS armored vehicles � meeting all DOT requirements, including crash tests.
- In 2004, IAC designed and produced (at the request of the U.S. Government) 1,500 in-the-field, installable armored kits for Hummers (including IED fragmentation floor �blankets�). IAC trained the U.S. Military on installation techniques in the Kuwait facility and delivered kits to Iraq � saving over 200 lives to date.
- In 2006 IAC's President and CEO receives Ernst & Young's prestigious "Entrepreneur of the Year"
- In 2007 the kit concept was implemented internationally at many of IAC�s in-country facilities � enabling IAC to stay cost effective with foreign competition.
- In 2007 IAC built its 5,000th vehicle
- In 2008 IAC selected as the U.S. Government's "Sub-contractor of the Year�
- In 2009 developed and implemented the �Weld Free�� armored protection package. (Also, vehicle 6,000 was also completed)
- In 2010, IAC completed an order of 728 vehicles for a foreign client.
- In January of 2011 signed contract to build 750 armored passenger vehicles for an international security firm
- June 2011 Received, for the eighth year in a row, "Best of State" Manufacturing
- September 2011 International "Peoples Choice Award" beating out GM and Tata Motors

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