How must will it cost you to Live in Abuja for one Full Year?

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Lets say for example you live on N5 Million in Abuja for 1 year; get the appropriate estimates in 2011.

Considering Apartment, car/transport, communications, monthly living costs, and others.

For example, a friend of mine who lived in USA wanted to experiment Spending a year in Abuja, with N5million or about $35,000 seeking a decent life.

We considered the following; a car, an apartment, calls and connection, Social life, food/eating and others.

This were the questions and the replies considering year 2011

1. Can we get a decent apartment, in a decent area of Abuja/Lagos (where?), and how much for 1 year?

Decent accommodation in Abuja will cost you about N950k (or less) for a 3-bedroom apartment and about N750k- 800k for a 2-bedroom in Wuse II, Utako, Jabi, Garki II. If ure lucky you may get a good deal for same in Maitama and Asokoro.

Check accessibility; see what the roads leading to the area are like during rush hour. Check if its near a church or mosque ‘cos be sure u’ll be locked in on Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings – We love God here!!

Always confirm availability of water, security and no. of apartments per compound so u don’t end up living barracks-style. As always, see the place for urself b4 u commit.[/b]

2. Approximately how much would monthly living (minus rent) cost if not planning a showy albeit non-suffer-head life?

1 carton of drinking water (i.e. 12 big bottles) = N900; 1 carton Fruit juice = N3,000, 1 crate soft drinks (coke) = N800; 1 carton beer = N1,800, 1 carton stout – N2,200

Perishable food, u can do well with N11,000 per week

Groceries cost will depend on your taste: buying made in Naija = approx N5k per week, probably less; buying foreign stuff = approx N14k per week, maybe more. Made in Nigeria stuff is very good though, ‘cos every time I go to London folks there make me bring our indomie and milo cocoa drink in cartons, and that’s among other stuff!!

Eating out: fast food joints – approx N700 per meal; 3-star restaurants – approx N1500 per meal, 5-star restaurants – approx N8k per meal

Leisure: movies – N1500 a pop, night outs – would depend on what u want to do, just hold enuff, drinking – prices depend on venue but there’s quite a variety of places to choose from. The city is quite vibrant so u won’t be bored; Clubbing = N5k minus drinks

Personal maintenance: Gym – about N100k per year, grooming would depend entirely on u

3. What would an average (new) car cost or the cost to clear a shipped car? (And is shipping even advisable?) - Also estimate cost of gas per month or per week please.

I don’t know much about shipping.

A brand new in Nigeria is a few hundred dollars pricier than in the US. I know lots of people who buy in the US and ship so I don’t think it’s that much of a hassle, just know who ure dealing with.

Full tank for the average vehicle will cost u about N5k. Abuja is a breeze to drive in!! The roads are clean very wide, and the city actually works! No traffic jams, street lights that actually work, good scenery bla bla bla…,

4. What would cell phone charges run per month (roughly) - in other words, I'd like to know how much people spend per average on their phones

Local calls on GSM cost about N30/min, on CDMA about N10/min, international calls about N35/min, landline calls about N4/min from a landline. Ypu can budget N20k for call expenses in a month

U may need two phones ‘cos the network can be crappy

5. What other costs should one keep in mind given a firm plan of N5M or less (if possible to save some $$).

Car insurance

Generator (Pls. don’t use an inverter, we’re yet to get the hang of it here)

House help (N7k/mnth)/cook (N15k/mnth)/security guard (12k/mnth)/washer man(N6k/mnth) – u’ll have to decide on the service u need

Keep cash for local fabrics and tailoring – believe me u’ll be hooked on the Nigerian fashionista style. Also u’ll have lots of events u’d want to attend – in style!!

Also, have some funds kept aside for that fantastic investment opportunity that will definitely come your way – they always do. Just do your homework and make sure its secure, or better yet, stick to the IPO’s on the stock exchange.

Spending a year in Abuja with about N5 million naira is positive and possible.

feel free to comment! Cheers

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