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Padata.org was created out of padata business communications to cater for the ICT needs of the poor and the less privileged. Its main purpose is to bridge the gap between the communication and computer knowledge of the rich and power. To padata.org: everyone needs computer, everyone needs to know computer.

Established in 2005, padata.org has contributed immensely to the provision of affordable computers and computer knowledge to the poor. Padata .org teaches periodic computer courses; application software and computer engineering. Engaging people in most aspect of computer needs and knowledge... with target population drawn from youths especially secondary school graduates, adult education pupils and other physically challenged individuals. We have successfully distri buted over 1000 computer systems with over 3000 equipped with computer skills of both application software. General computer appreciation, website design techniques, and system engineering Our Mission:

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Contact us: Tel+234-8098411479. email: padatadot.org@abuja-business-connection.com.