Wealth Creation....You Can Become The Richest Person if you Practice THIS!

Learn How to Create and Keep Wealth.

Wealth is a power. With wealth many things are possible. At a certain stage or age if you have not acquired more than a bare existence in the years since you were youth and energetic, it is because you either have failed to lean the laws that govern the building of wealth, or else you do not observe them. I must tell thee, seek wisdom before gold or thy gold may be lost in regret for the rest of thy life? Thou need wisdom to make gold, keep gold and use gold. This piece is but wisdom. For ye to become rich, thou must first desiret to be wealthy but as ye may know, desire alone cannot guarantee wealth.

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What you are about to learn is not a get rich quick scheme. It is the gradual procedure and processes of acquiring wealth and acquiring it in full. It is wisdom,i.e the laws of money(gold). It is the same law that made men became wealthy in Babylon and Babylon become the wealthiest city ever six thousand years ago.

Do not forget that wealth making is a practical thing. Put this to use and you will be amazed how it works. You must also know that the desire to be wealthy is a great one and it is only the great that desire wealth. But if this desire is not backed by action and learning, it will equal to nothing. This is a guide on how to acquire wealth, how to keep it and how to use it. The way to acquire wealth can be simply put at a progress for bronze to silver then to Gold. Gold is the wealth because your bronze and silver will graduate you to gold such that if you don’t have bronze you may not have gold. Let start my understanding some terms.

Acquiring wealth: Part of what u get/earn is for you to keep. I mean part of what I earn is mine to keep. One tenth of what u earn must be kept for yourself. As it grows, it will stimulate you. Soon u will realised what a rich feeling it is to own a treasure upon which you alone have claim. Greater effort will come to you to earn more. Remember this u will later invest no matter how small. Do not underrate the importance of little beginnings. This does not mean you must not engage necessary expenditure....one tent and every penny get, if set aside for investment purpose. I tell thee, it will not affect you much. Try it.

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How do you keep it? The best way to manage your money is to seek the advice and counsel of wise men. By wise men i mean, people with competence investment knowledge. Those who have become skilled at the profession. They will be glad to help you...give you advice on what to know and do.

How to use your Gold? How to use it is how make you gold work for you. Do you eat your children’s children? Nope. What it means by this is that- You invest 10k, with a return of 2.5k. will you consume all the interest. I say nope for example you may talk take one tenth of it add it to the principal for another investment. does this make any sense?



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